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Barred spiral galaxy M58 in the Virgo Cluster, photographed by Fred Cieslak on February 19, 2001. This image is a composite of 4 CCD images: Luminance, L: 72 min, red, R: 20 min, Green, G: 20 min and Blue, B: 40 min. Taken with a Meade 16in LX200 telescope operating at f/6.3 and SBIG ST8E CCD camera with color filter wheel, within the Kitt Peak Visitor Center's Advanced Observing Program.
Credit: Fred Cieslak/Adam Block/AURA/NOAO/NSF

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    [M58, anonymous source]

    Image of M58 from an anonymous source

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    Hartmut Frommert (spider@seds.org)
    Christine Kronberg (smil@lrz.uni-muenchen.de)

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