[M51, color CCD, John Sefick] [M51, John Sefick]

John Sefick's images of M51, taken with a 25-inch Newton and a ST-6 CCD camera.

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    [M51, B. Wallis/R. Provin]

    This image of M51 was contributed by Brad Wallis and Robert Provin. It was taken with their 155mm f/7 Astro-Physics EDF refractor which feature superior color correction and flat photographic fields. This image was exposed 60 minutes on (unhypered) Fujicolor Super G 800+ film.

    The image is copyrighted. It may be freely used for private purpose. Use in non-commercial public html pages requires appropriate acknowledgement. If you should consider any for-profit use, please contact Robert Provin.

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    [M51, M. Purcell]

    Michael Purcell's image of the Whirlpool Galaxy M51, taken on November 24, 1995 at 05:03:10 with his Meade 10-inch f/6.3 SC Telescope and a ST7 CCD camera, exposed 15 minutes.

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    [M51, Martin Germano]

    Interacting galaxies, the spiral galaxy M51 with its distorted companion, NGC 5195 show up in this b/w film photograph by Martin C. Germano.

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