These images show the Great Orion Nebula M42 (NGC 1976) together with its smaller neighbor, De Mairan's Nebula M43 (NGC 1982), which is actually a part of the Great Nebula. These bright nebulae are actually the brightest part of a huge cloud of interstellar gas and dust which is several hundred light years across.

[M42, Kohle/Credner]

This image was obtained by Sven Kohle and Till Credner of Bonn, Germany on October 26, 1995 at 4:19 UT with the 1.23-meter telescope of the Calar Alto observatory at f/4, exposed 10 minutes with a 2048x2048 WWFPP CCD camera and H-alpha filter. The field of view is 21' x 21'. The image is copyrighted by the observers.

  • More images by Till Credner and Sven Kohle.

    [M42, anonymous source] [PNG]

    Image of the Great Orion Nebula, M42 and M43, from an anonymouns source

    [M42, KPNO]

    KPNO image of M42 and M43

  • 2MASS image of M42 and M43
  • Amateur images of M42 and M43
  • Images of the M42/43 region with NGC 1973-5-7; amateur images

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