[M8, Keith Corban] [PNG]

The Lagoon Nebula photographed by Keith Corban

This image is a scan of a photograph of M8 (the Lagoon Nebula) taken by Keith Corban in August 1994 from a site at 5300 ft. elevation in the Davis Mountains State Park, Texas. It is a 45 minute exposure on Konica SRG-3200 film taken through a Celestron C-11 with a Lumicon telecompressor operating at about f/5.6.

[M8 with ST6 CCD]

M8 taken with the ST6 CCD

[M8, Tim Puckett]

CCD images of the Lagoon Nebula M8, taken by Tim Puckett with an Apogee AP-7 CCD camera and 12-inch Meade LX200. RGB image, exposed 60 seconds.

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    [M8, Ian Wallis]

    The Lagoon Nebula M8 with a southern hemisphere 'flavour'. Photographed by Ian Wallis with a Meade LX-50 10" SC telescope at f/10 on 35mm Kodak EGP-400 negative film at the Schmidt-Cassegrain focus (sometimes mistaken for the "prime focus"), exposed 7 minutes. This image was taken in July 1999 from a suburban location in Perth, Western Australia. Visual limiting magnitude was about 5.2.

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