Please email me any scheduled Messier Marathon 2002 Events!

Messier Marathon 2002

The year 2002 (the first year of the new millennium) will offer a good opportunity for hunting down all 110 Messier objects, as New Moon occurs on March 14 (weekend March 16-17, 2002).

This year, there will be a considerably good chance to combine the Messier marathon with an all-planet marathon, i.e. you can observe all solar-system planets during this night, though Neptune and Venus might be difficult. Probably, some comets brighter than about mag 14.0 will be visible; we will list them below, based on the JPL List of Currently Visible Comets:

Comet		   	      RA  (2000.0)  Dec  mag
			  	  March 16, 2002

The list is RA ordered and thus in the sequence the comets might be observed from evening through midnight to morning.

Also, meteors from various showers may occur, and depending on your location, you may be able to observe the International Space Station, ISS.

Messier Marathon Events 2002

Again, we plan o announce all scheduled events. Please email me any scheduled events for announce here. If you have undertaken, or participated in, a Messier Marathon, 2002 or earlier, if not already done so, please email me your or your group's results, or the link to your results page, for inclusion in our Messier Marathon Results page!

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