[M106 by John Sefick]

John Sefick's image of M106

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    [M106 by Jason Ware]

    Jason Ware's picture of M106. It was done with a 16" Meade SCT on Kodak Tech Pan (hypered) and scanned from an 8x10. The exposure time is 90 minutes.

    The photo was done using the telescope in AlT/AZ mode with the optional field de-rotator. It was done prime focus at f10 (4000mm focal length!!!!) and guided with a SBIG ST-4.

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    [M106, P. Suetterlin]

    Taken by amateurs of the Sternfreunde Breisgau e.V. at the Schauinslandsternwarte with their new CCD camera on a Celestron 11.

    Contributed by Peter Suetterlin from the CCD image collection of the Sternfreunde Breisgau e.V.

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    [M106, Tom Davis]

    This image of M106 was posted to usenet by Tom Davis. It is a Fastar 8 image with the dark frame. The 2 minute exposure was done at F/1.95 with a Starlite Xpress MX5-16 Camera.

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