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Messier Goodies

Version 0.8, compiled by Hartmut Frommert (

Thanks to Chris Lewicki, this file has now found a very good place on the famous ftp server, as /pub/info/messier/m-goodie.txt. It may be accessed as follows:

  1. Anon ftp, including FTP-Mail, e.g. to
  2. Gopher to, go to "SEDS ANONYMOUS FTP SITE (FTP.SEDS.ORG) | info | messier | m-goodie"
  3. On a WWW client, the URL is ""
It is also posted to the mailing list and various newsgroups including sci.astro and sci.astro.amateur when modifications justify this.

Internet, Software, Books, Observing Aids, Goodies, Wanted


.. besides this list :)



Note: These books may also serve as observing aids.

Observing Aids



This section contains what I'd like to see/get, but looked in vain still..
Hartmut Frommert (
Christine Kronberg (

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